Minggu, 01 April 2012

Introduction :)

Hi… :) my name is Ellya Della, u can call me Yaya :)

I’m from Indonesia.

About my name…. well, Ellya still Ellya (only my parents who know what it means), Della was meaning December, because I was born in December (two days after Christmas). Isla, is the name from my religion (Islam). Next is Ness, I do not know about Ness is (hehe …), my dad says it’s from Eliot Ness, my sister always said this from Loch Ness (I’m not a monster u know hehe….). So my name is Ellya Della Isla Ness

Nice to meet u :)

My hobby is playing music like keyboard or piano. I like Photography too, I have lots of photos on my camera, mostly about nature, pet, and unique images.  I have a 2 cat and 3 kittens (missing 1 so stay 2, hiks.. :( ) .

Now it’s abou my family, i had an older sister her name is Rossy (not Valentino Rossi, hahaha…. :D ) and mom and dad. I have many female cousins (from my mom’s family).

I school at private high school near my house,  my school name is Hang Tuah Private Senior High School 2 Sidoarjo . Many friends in my junior high school entering this school.

This bit about me. Have a nice day :)

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